Strategy - is a framework for an effective advertising campaign. Identification of target audience, segmentation, choosing the right tools and ratio of usage: digital experts shouldn’t go on a hunch but follow a strictly calibrated plan. Only then can the advertising campaign be extremely effective and profitable.


STAGE 1. Investigations

The investigation from which any digital strategy begins should give us replies to the following questions:

Who is our target audience?

If the target audience is specified incorrectly or extremely widely (for example, “men 25-45 years old”), it won’t lead to sales growth and ultimately will cause ineffective budget expense.

What is its size?

We’ll find out the number of people in our target audience, how many of them surf the internet and which devices they use. So we’ll be able to determine an optimum budget.

How can we find it?

Behavioral and digital habits of the target audience determine the choice of tools for the campaign. For one audience it’s necessary to send a maximum of video materials to social media, for another one it's important to highlight the context and publishings on the product aggregator websites. The perfect set of tools that guarantee success doesn’t exist. We prepare a unique strategy for each task.

STAGE 2. Goal setting and determination of KPI (key performance indicators) 

На данном этапе наша задача - четко сформулировать бизнес-цели и определить, какими количественными показателями (KPI) мы сможем определить их достижение. Что нужно сделать, чтобы продать холодильники на сумму 200 млн рублей? Как повысить узнаваемость бренда на 20 пунктов? Важно сформировать и цели, и показатели до старта кампании.

STAGE 3. Media planning

Experts of rta: never offer clients standard media plans. Each client receives the media plan calculated for his goals and desires.

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